People see. They see what others are doing and do the same--or not. What they observe in others causes them to adjust their own behavior. People are always adjusting, and self (MORE)

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The Top 5 Healing Culinary Herbs

Most people think of culinary herbs in terms of their flavor enhancing qualities. While herbs add an aromatic and flavorful addition to food, many of them also contain numerou (MORE)

The Health Benefits of Maca

Known as the Peruvian Ginseng, maca has long been used in South America for its medicinal properties. Considered a "super food," maca is also known as an adaptogen, (MORE)

What Color Is Your Soul?

Each person has individualized likes and dislikes, personality traits, reactions, and habits. These individualized self-definitions are influenced by genetics, family influenc (MORE)

Systematic Desensitization For Treating Phobias

Phobias effects millions of people each year, and can cause debilitating symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, nervousness, and isolation. There are various treatment (MORE)