The Health Hazards of Electromagnetic Frequencies

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are any electrical current that passes through a conduit, such as electrical wiring or metal. While EMFs are considered safe at low levels o (MORE)
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The Health Benefits of He Shou Wu

The name He Shou Wu literally translates as "black-haired Mr. He," which originated from a story of a man in China named He, who restored his vitality, youthfulness, (MORE)

The Healing Effects of Balneotherapy

Balneotherapy is the therapeutic use of hot mineral water for healing purposes. Most commonly practiced in natural hot springs, balneotherapy has also been used by alternative (MORE)

6 Tips On Using Hot Springs For Healing

Balneotherapy is a little known term referring to the practice of using water for therapeutic purposes. While the Western medical model has little regard for such a concept, i (MORE)