Understanding Elemental Energies For Healing

According to Chinese Medicine, each of the elements; water, earth, fire and air, are also within each one of us, connecting us to all of life throughout the history of the ear (MORE)

Using Mindful Awareness Techniques For Inner Peace

There are many spiritual teachings, with hundreds of different types of meditations, visualizations, and other energy practices. Mindful awareness is one such spiritual practi (MORE)
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Techniques For Understanding Your Emotions

One stumbling block for many people along the spiritual path is the confusion between feelings and emotions. It can be very helpful to understand the difference between the tw (MORE)
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Balancing Yin and Yang Energy

You can directly observe and feel the yin and yang energy within you and in the world around you in every moment. Everything in creation has either a yin or yang expression. T (MORE)

How Apple-cider Vinegar Can Improve Your Health

You may have heard that apple-cider vinegar can cure anything that ails you. It has been said to clear up everything from dandruff to arthritis. Be sure to contact a doctor be (MORE)